Print on canvas for your wall.  Paper prints, gifts and cards for all!

Order EARLY for the Holidays!  I'm sometimes fully booked by October. 

A beautiful likeness of someone you care about, by a talented artist, is not just for the wealthy anymore.  


I'm an award winning portraitist and illustrator and I paint and draw with a graphics tablet on my computer. Work goes quickly, previews emailed for review and requested alterations made in a snap.

Digital drawings and paintings look exactly like traditional media and look fabulous printed on canvas.  Many local print shops can do large format canvas for about $12 per square foot.  Behind glass, its hard to tell the difference between an oil painting and digital.

That's not all! With an oil painting, you get... one oil painting.  Very expensive and time consuming to make, takes forever to dry and often requires shipping and insurance fees. With Digitally Painted Portraits you get wall art AND they also can be printed in any number AND in any size AND on just about any surface or object imaginable.  Emailed to you in moments or, if you like, they can be posted on CD or USB drive.  

Uploaded onto sites like CafePress and Zazzle, your portrait could become not only a greeting card or a print, but customized gifts for all your family, friends and clients!!  Imagine a Holiday Season with one brilliant, one of a kind gift idea and NO heavy boxes lift or even wrap, and NOT ONE trip to a mall or post office. 


Grandparents this is a great way to show off the kids to family all over.  For vets, rescues groups and breed enthusiasts, animal images make not only great venue decor, but beautiful and classy promotional items.

The best part…the cost! Because there are no expensive paints to buy and no paints to mix, digital paintings can be done in a fraction of the time and a tenth the cost of oils, WITHOUT COMPROMISE IN BEAUTY.  Email an image and prepare to be amazed!

Don't know how to use custom print sites?  No problem!  Upload and gift preparation service available.  All you'll need to do is decide which gift goes to who and provide payment information to the print site.  They'll print and ship your portrait-customized gifts to addresses you provide.  Then all you do is enjoy a stress-free Season and wait for the enthusiastic compliments and thanks to roll in!