Paula Tabor is an award-winning digital illustrator and portraitist. The non-fiction history children’s books she illustrated in the “If You Were Me and Lived In…” series by Carole P Roman collectively won 17 awards.

Her style is heavily influenced by Art Nouveau and 80’s graphics. Gently curving lines and subtle gradients are often combined with intricate borders and hand-drawn text. Subjects are inspired by her passions for history, mythology, and language. There’s also a lot of humor. The beauty of the image draws you in, but the details make you smile. She creates portraits in this style, but more often as very realistic digital paintings and drawings.

Although she graduated with honors from the University of South Florida College of Fine Arts, she loves the way digital art can meet client’s needs with a variety of media looks and remarkable speed compared to traditional media.

Paula truly enjoys the collaboration process, especially with clients who have a good idea of what they want. She finds that kind of structure to be much more of a springboard for her creativity than any blank page. Truly a commercial artist, she understands that the client’s vision comes first, as does adherence to project frameworks and deadlines.

Bring her your ideas. She’ll bring them to life!